Wellburne traveler


The Traveller Details

  • High-definition, scratch-resistant brushed aluminium casing, cool to the touch
  • Luxe finishes in neutral metallic hues to suit any look
  • The protective paper slot holds up to five standard-size cones or two standard-size packs of rolling papers
  • Scent-concealing stainless steel storage tube protects the flavour and potency of loose-leaf product
  • Storage tube can also hold your pre-rolled  for an odourless carry
  • Electric arc lighter auto shuts after 5 seconds and provides up to 130 lights on a single charge
  • Purpose-built safety hinge ensures lighter does not ignite when the lid is closed and the button is accidentally depressed
  • Secure closure provides 24/7 protection for your product




  • USB-rechargeable arc lighter with illuminated LED battery life indicator
  • Multi-use food-grade stainless steel storage tube with durable silicone stopper
  • Jet-black glass tip
  • Micro-USB cable
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